Why Does the World Have a Lot of September-born Folks?

Of course, we already know that November-born folks are quite much all over the world. But according to statistics, the story didn’t stop there. The September-born folks follow up closely in the line.

In case you didn’t know why a lot of people are born in November, well, it’s simple and in a matter of minutes, I’d be letting the cat out of the sack!

February 14th of every year is a day to remember. It is well-known as “valentine’s day.” On this day, quite a number of couples, engaged folks, and even youths make out and have sex. And, obviously, 9 beautiful months later; in November, the result comes staring them in the face – a baby!

Little wonder why September folks are quite much too. Well, it simple, mayhap, simpler than the just discussed group.

We know already and do not need to be told that December, is a festive period. In fact, it is the most generally celebrated, both far and near for even the Muslims, pagan celebrate in December.

To the Christians, this is very significant, it represents the birth of Jesus Christ – Savior of the whole world, some 2 thousand years ago.

Without many digressions, around this time, the rave is so tense and the festive jubilation, thick. People, all over the world, seek solace in the arms and warmth of their spouse. Not only this, many other factors contribute to high procreation around this time too.

Factors like weather i.e. cold. December is one of those periods you need an extra covering aside from your blanket.

At this period; December, people tend to have sex with their spouse and before you know it, it’s 9 months’ time and the sex is turned human being.

This is the reason why we have a great percentage of the world’s population born in September. September is 9 months after December.

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