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April Fool’s Day is coming up! Are you ready? Check out these funny pranks!, It’s April Fool and its time to fool the fools, is here with funny April fools pranks Pictures Wallpaper Videos Whatsapp Facebook that will help you to prank those fools around you.

The Best Funny April Fools Pranks

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Have a roommate or family member that is afraid of bugs? Use a marker to draw a spider on the toilet paper roll. Just be sure to remember to roll it back up, so that they are thoroughly terrified when they discover it while on the toilet. Feel free to let out an evil laugh when you hear them scream through the door… you earned it. funny April fools pranks


No high tech hacking here – just cover the computer mouse sensor with a single Post-it Note. They’ll be trying to figure out why their computer is frozen for ages. You can even write a tiny “Happy April Fools” on the Post-it for good measure! Your coworkers may hate you, but at least you helped them procrastinate for a little while… right? I am a fool images


8 FUNNY PRANKS FOR APRIL FOOLS || Best DIY Pranks on Friends & Family

April Fool’s Day is coming up, and if you don’t have the perfect prank yet, we’ve got you covered!

If you are a fan of good April fools pranks, take a look at our compilation below.

We don’t advocate destroying people’s property or hurting them, but everything else is fair game!

Happy pranking! funny April fools pranks


0:15 Glued slippers prank

1:31 Toilet paper spider surprise

2:23 Epic rubber snake prank

3:05 Mayo filled donut prank

5:06 Ketchup in the straw trick

6:06 Fake bug under the lampshade

6:52 Drinking straw prank

7:30 Fake milk spill

8:46 BLOOPERS! little fool images

Funny Pranks for April Fools!! Roommate Wars

Who needs some pranks for April fools?! Roommate wars is back and better than ever! Which April fools prank was your fav? Also, team Ashley or team Alisha? xo -Alisha Marie funny April fools pranks

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Get some Googly Eyes from the craft store and put them on objects around the house, classroom, or office. See how long it takes for people to notice that they are being watched!

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The Ultimate April Fools Prank!

Sean and I go at it on April Fools Day… you decide who’s the real winner! funny April fools pranks

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