Mothers Day Messages in English (Mothers Day Text)

Mothers Day Messages in English

Below are the mothers day messages in English language:

  • You are loved, cared for, appreciated beyond measure. Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing wife!
  • Mom, you always save the day. You are my superhero. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I couldn’t be more blessed to have a mother like you.
  • You an angel, you make everything more beautiful, and you are one of the most loving mothers I know. I am so glad to be your friend. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Each day passes and we love you more and more. Happy Mother’s Day! heartfelt mother’s day message
  • I can’t thank you enough for all your selflessness and sacrifices. I love you, Mom!
  • Mom, you took care of me all your life and I promise to always be there for you and care for you no matter what.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to my best and favorite lady! I love you!
  • I can’t tell and show you enough how much I appreciate you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • The warmth of your embrace is the best memory I have growing up. I love your cuddles mama. Happy Mother’s Day!

Heartfelt Mother’s Day Message

  • I did not ask for more but to have someone like you.
    I know I’m really blessed to have the love you give to me.
    You bring out the best of me;
    No one knows me better than you do.
  • You’re my shining star,
    My everything I ever wished for.
    You brighten my day whenever I feel blue;
    I feel OK whenever I hear your voice.
    You’re my light when I’m in the dark.
  • You lift me up when I’m down on the dusty ground.
    You’re my strength when I’m weak,
    My eyes when I’m blinded,
    The brains when I couldn’t think.
    You give me a reason to live, which is for you.
  • I may not have everything I want and need,
    But with you I have everything.
    I love you today, tomorrow, and forever.
    You’re the best mommy in the whole wide world.

Mothers Day Text Messages

  • God has given me so many things to be grateful for and, Mom, you trump them all.
  • My heartfelt wish for you on Mother’s Day is that you are healthy, happy, and loved each and every single day.
  • There’s no one quite like you, thanks for all the things that you do. We love you, Mom! mothers day messages in English.
  • Thank you for your never-ending love and support Mom! I hope your day is full of love and happiness.
  • Mother, thank you for never letting me down! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You gave me your time, love, care, and wisdom. That’s the best gift a child could ever have. Thanks, Mom!, inspiring mothers day messages
  • I didn’t wish for a perfect Mom, but I got one. In my eyes and in my heart, you are as perfect as they come. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
  • You are the light in my world that guides me through and the center of my life, Mommy I love you. Mothers Day Quotes From Son

Happy Mother’s Day Mom to Be

  • If anyone knows how to handle this motherhood thing, it’s you! Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Here comes the fun! Have a great day today, because next year it’ll be much crazier!
  • May you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and many more to come. Congratulations mother to be!
  • To the mom to be, get ready for the ride of your life. You’ll love it! Have a great day. mothers day messages in English.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to the coolest, most composed superwoman I know. Can’t wait to meet your new little one!
  • Congratulations on your first Mother’s Day! I know that you’ll be a great and loving mother. mothers day message to wife
  • My dear wife, may the little bundle you carry with you bring us as much joy as you have brought into my life.

Funny Mothers Day Messages

  • Congratulations on being the luckiest mom on earth for having a such good-looking, smart and incredible child. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I have the craziest strangest mother, can I trade moms with you?
  • This is the only time of the year that you could get a pass for extra hugs and kisses from my mother.
  • You were always there for me arms wide open when I needed a hug and… cash. Thanks for being the best Mom.
  • How come you get the “best mother of the year award” each and every year? I can’t wait to be a mother myself so I can beat you to it.
  • If I have to rate your services and all the things you do for this family, I’d say you get 5 stars, Mom, mothers day messages in English
  • Mom doesn’t tell Dad but you are way cooler than he is! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Thanks for putting up with crazy, wild, bratty, spoiled me. I wouldn’t be the AMAZING human being now if it wasn’t for you, Mom.
  • You always have the last word in our house, now I get to say the last word. You are simply an extraordinary mother!
  • Mom, it’s your special day, take a load off… a load of laundry. Happy Mother’s day! Greetings Messages for Friends and Lovers

Mothers Day Messages for Friends and Family

  • Happy Mother’s Day my dearest friend, I wish you the best of everything under the sun! mothers day messages in English.
  • It is very important to take each step with the maximum love one has in one’s heart. You are a strong and incredible woman. You have become a great Mom. Happy Day! mothers day text messages.
  • You are the sunshine that lights my day. Happy Mother’s Day mama!
  • I see as if it were yesterday, how we played like girls, and now I can tell you Happy Mother’s Day! These are years of pure love, and it has made you a more beautiful person.
  • Thank you for making our house a home full of love and happiness. I love you, Mom!
  • Being a Mother has a special magic, which has no explanation. You are an excellent friend and today you have become a great Mother. Happy Day, dear friend!

Mothers Day Message to Wife

  • I thank you because you are a good wife and you always worry about the welfare of our children. Thousands of congratulations on this Mother’s Day!
  • My dear wife, you’re a gift from above that we get to enjoy for the rest of our lives. I am glad you are the mother of my children.
  • When I asked you to marry me it was because I was quite sure that by your side I could be very happy and that we would form a very beautiful home.
  • No one could cheer me up and love me at the same time as much as you do. Thanks for being the best! mothers day messages in English.
  • I think that I will never be able to understand how you manage to accomplish so many obligations at once and still have time to devote to our beloved children and to me, Happy mothers day to the best wife.
  • My beautiful wife, I feel very happy because you are an extraordinary Mother who always cares for our children and gives them only the best. May God bless you and always remember how much I love you.

Happy mothers day to all mothers in the world and happy mothers day to you too, make sure you send that wonderful mama some inspiring mothers day messages to make her feel loved on this her special day.

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