Love Letters for Her from the Heart

Love Letters for Her from the Heart are heart felt and heart touching letters that you can send to your female friend for the love you have for her or even for her misbehavior, with sweet love letters you can make her cry for joy and happiness, you can really win her heart with the below emotional love letter to girlfriend, at , our aim is to keep a strong relationship, and provide you with quotes, wishes, greetings, images, wallpapers, poems and so many more.

Love Letters for Her from the Heart

Falling in love with the right spouse is a good thing, because love itself is a gift from above, but maintaining a strong love relationship is difficult and sometimes causes sleepless nights, because of this, we are providing Love Letters for Her from the Heart and sweet love letters to truly explain to her how you feel even when you are loving from a distance, we have also provided love letter for her long distance, this is specially for you to maintain your love long distance relationship with your spouse.> Broken Heart Quotes


Love Letters for Her that make Her Cry

Dear Prisca

Sometimes I just think back to the first time I laid eyes on you. I knew right then that I had found someone incredible. Ever since that very moment all I have ever wanted was to be with you. No matter how dark my day is, seeing you always brightens it and makes me realize that with you, I am doing right. Your heart is so pure and so forgiving that it will always be the center of my attention, no matter what else is going on in my life. I look forward to this day and many more just like it for you will forever be in my heart, Love Letters for Her from the Heart.


My Sweet Heart you know sometimes, it’s hard to find words to tell you how much you mean to me. is I don’t know why I am writing this letter. Before a lot of times, I didn’t say anything to you. But I hope someday, you’ll understand, having you is what I live for. If I knew I would be falling in love with an angel, I would have searched for you harder and found you sooner.

Those hours I spend with you and I feel that I am alive now. That will say how much you are really mean to my heart. I love you so much and want it for ever. Waiting for your reply. 

Only Yours

Love Letter for Her Long Distance

Darling Juliet,

I am not so good with words to explain the depth of my love from the core of my heart to you. Like every day, I am thinking of you and feeling romance in the air. I agree that I have never taken an initiative to express my feelings for you; but today I want to express how passionate I feel about you.
During our two years of love relationship, every moment I spent with you, I felt the strength of the bond between two of us. Moreover, I feel safe and happy with you. You are the one who understands me completely. You make my life colorful and beautiful like seven colors of the rainbow. I have decided to spend my full life with you.  I cannot even think of a minute of my life without you, my love.
Thanks for coming in my life, distance will never separate us, Love Letters for Her from the Heart


Honey Alice

If I could ask for a wish right now, I would ask to never be far from you because missing you is a terrible feeling and the noble and wonderful feeling of love is just translated into absence and sadness.

Having you near, feeling the soft tone of your voice in my ear, looking into your eyes, your skin and your lips touching mine – those are the things that make me feel truly happy. And what makes me the saddest is not having your near, not feeling the warmth of your arms and the comfort of your shoulder, not feeling the joyful sound of the door opening to let you in, not feeling the thrilling touch of your hands in my hair and the glow of your presence wherever you are.

If I could ask for a wish right now, I would ask for us never to be apart because when you are near, all my other wishes immediately come true! Having you close by is all I need to be happy!

So, my love, come back soon and promise me you will never make me go through such suffering again, because missing someone who is absent is the saddest feeling of all…

Love. Longing to see you soon, Love Letters for Her from the Heart


Short Love Letters for Her that make Her Cry



Before you came into my life, I had given up on ever finding my soul mate; the one person who could set my heart on fire with just one look. I thought that was the stuff of silly, dime store romance novels. Was I wrong!!! When you walked into the room that first night, sparks flew. Every time you touched me, brushed up against me, my heart stopped, Love Letters for Her from the Heart

Sweet Love
I fell in love with you the moment I looked into your eyes, but I was so afraid of letting you in and being hurt again. I’m so glad you didn’t give up. I cannot imagine what my life would be without you. I love you so much and want to spend my whole life with you.
Yours love


Short Love Letter for Girlfriend



You have gripped my soul with a ferocity reserved for a castaway clinging to a raft in the middle of the ocean. If my soul is the raft, it is your hold that keeps me afloat. Don’t ever let go. I love you.


My Dear (Her name here)

Whenever I am with you, it is like having my emotional batteries recharged with joy. Your smile radiates into me. Your touch sends little shivers through my body. Your presence pleases my mind and your soul pours peace on mine. I love you…madly, sincerely, completely and with no reservation, in a way that is blissfully wonderful.


Emotional Love Letter to Girlfriend


Sweet Heart,

You show your love to me every day. I thank God that I have found a girl like you. Please forgive me for not giving you enough time to chat with me, but I promise I will make up for it once we are together.

I want to be with you and I want you in my life. Be by my side and the rest will fall in place. We will live life in the most enjoyable ways possible and there is nothing that can hold us back from being the best couple in the world. Just wait and be patient as I bring you all the joys of world, Love Letters for Her from the Heart

Only yours

Little heart


My little heart,

Has anybody ever told you that love is a promise of happiness? It can be, but what I feel for you, all the calmness and peace that you pass to me are much more than a simple promise.
Loving you is an easy task for me. I am so happy fall in love with you.

When I saw you for the first time, I couldn’t ever have imagined that you’re almost candid face, which holds a young and shy smile, was going to captivate me the way it did. It has been a long time, do you remember that day?

However, this profound tenderness that I nurture for you, and which I dare call love is something very intensive and beautiful. It is renewed every minute as if you could enchant me at every blink of an eye. I know that I really love you simply because I don’t feel anguish and don’t even get tired from our intensive relationship.

My love, you are part of my happy soul because you’re the one that makes it happy and today I would like to tell you how much I love you. Maybe this letter will give you a bad idea.

With a very tender kiss from someone that loves you very much and will never, ever forget you,




Sweet Love Letters


Sweet Heart,

I love you so much. Seems like I have fallen in love with you…you are just the best! Now all I want to say is that I can’t live without you and don’t even want to. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and you make my life complete.

I have known what true love and desire really are and these are emotions that many people will never know. You appear to me in my dreams and even these imaginary kisses rock my world and thrill me to the very core of my being. I adore you from my heart and soul and want to let you know that you are my little angel. You make me so happy that all I need now is you to make my life complete. I love you dear.

Yours forever

(your name here)


To my sweet love ( her name here)

From the deepest, cherished, and precious part of my heart I want you to know that you have a place on it. My soul longs to you and only for you as bees for flowers. My dear, I want to bring the meaning of love with you. I will take care of you as if no one else will do.

I want to hold you and caress you like no other man will, embrace you in my arms and give you lots of kisses and feelings that you are my everything. Whenever I think about you, I feel my life is lightened with brightness of your love. I am overwhelmed by the feeling that God sent a flower for me, to be by my side and give me a never-ending love. Be mine forever, I love you so much!


Yours WisD.

Love Letters for Her from the Heart

Cute Love Letters for Girlfriend


Sweet Love 

You always know that I love you. I miss you everyday. Although we remain friends and see each other all the time we are distant. We both know what feelings are stifled beneath smiles and being cordial. I catch you staring at me. Why do we deny each other? I watch you every time. I watch your mouths move, words just words. I fight the feeling of kissing your mouth for such a long time that the words stop and there is just us left without the veil of denial. There will always be love here for you. I know you are only mine and choose to try again and it will be yours forever…


(your name here) Love Letters for Her from the Heart


To my Dearest

You are the love of my life, I wouldn’t know how to live away from someone as special as you anymore, someone that pushes me forward and shows me the beauty in things. I could never again find peace in my heart if you left or couldn’t be there for me. I know that all tracks I walk by your side will be good ones. I know that all steps I take next to you will be the right ones towards absolute happiness. And that’s because I can feel the strength of love, decency, Before that certainty, I have no option but to reaffirm, with all conviction, what I just said before: you represent, in the flesh, bone, blood and emotion, the great love that will accompany me till the end of my breath.

You make me look at the future with the certainty that happiness is possible and that we should not fear any obstacles. Because we will always find a way out of any difficulties if we keep our hearts filled with this greater feeling called love, a love that means solidarity, companionship and faith in life. You convince me of that I am the one only for your life. In this case, all I could ask for is a little bit more of you, or make that, you forever!

A kiss without chastity from your,


From Divine


Long Love Letters for Her that make Her Cry


My Sugar Pie

The moment I heard your voice while we talk I felt a connection to your soul. I can still remember exactly how you looked the day we first met. Your beautiful eyes captured my heart and your smile erased any and all doubts that I had ever experienced.

I want nothing more than to spend my life with you at my side. When I wake in the morning I want to find you there beside me. When I go to sleep at night I want to feel your arms holding me, protecting me from the world.

You are the one true love of my life and I am only sorry that it took us so many years to meet. Now that we have found each other and are making a life together I will never again know the empty feelings of loneliness. You have made my life complete and I shall cherish your incredible gift of unconditional love and devotion until the moment that my body takes its last breath on this Earth.

I love you, my darling. No matter what the future holds for us I will love you until the end of time, and beyond. These words are my promise to never take you for granted or doubt the love that binds us for now and all eternity.

Only Yours


Love Letters for Her from the Heart.


To the Queen of my Heart

I am writing you this letter to express my feelings for you. Today, when I am sitting on my desk and thinking about you and precious moments of my life which I have spent with you, I feel so lucky. In fact, I do not have words to show my love and write my sentiments on any piece of paper.

I still remember the day, when we first met in my office and fell in love with each other at the first sight. However, it’s been two years since we are in a relationship and I am thinking to talk to my parents about our marriage so that we can be together forever.
I am looking forward to see you next month whenever you will get leave from your college.
Waiting for your response.
Yours dearest, Emmanuel 

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