How to See All Birthday Wishes on Facebook Easily

How to See All Birthday Wishes on Facebook: In this handy article, I will be showing you how to see all the birthday wishes on Facebook that your friends and well-wishers sent to you during your birthday celebration.

I know how frustrating it is when on your birthday, your Facebook friends send you many birthday wishes on your timeline, but you are only able to see just a few of them, some times it might seem to you that your friends didn’t actually send you birthday wishes on your timeline.

The simple and only truth is, as far as you have friends on Facebook, many of them are likely to post you on their timeline and on your timeline too, this is because all your friends will get notified by Facebook that it is your birthday, and they will be asked to send you a birthday wish on your timeline. Now imagine if a lot of people know you on Facebook, you are likely to get thousands of birthday wishes on Facebook.

How to See All Birthday Wishes on Facebook

You don’t need to worry anymore because right here and now, I will be showing you how to find those hidden birthday messages and wishes your Facebook friends and followers sent you on Facebook during your birthday.

I understand fully well that you might want to see who wished you on your birthday on Facebook, also I know you want to reply to those sweet birthday wishes because it won’t be good to snub even 1 person that wished you on your birthday, they are all expecting a reply from you, if you don’t reply them, they might think that you don’t value them.

Just follow the below steps to see all birthday wishes sent to you on Facebook:

Open Your Facebook Mobile App

The first step to follow to be able to see all birthday wishes on Facebook timeline is to open your Facebook app, you can use either Facebook lite or the main Facebook app, any of them would work well.

Click on Your Profile Icon

Click on the small icon at the top left-hand side of your Facebook app, this button will take you to your Facebook profile (your personal Facebook timeline).
This button contains a thumbnail of your profile picture.

Scroll Down to Where You Will Find People That Posted on Your Timeline on Your Birthday

When you scroll down to where Facebook shows the number of people that sent you birthday wishes (like in the image above, it shows “13 friends posted on your timeline for your birthday).
Here as you can see, it displays just a birthday wish from one person, the rest are hidden in order not to occupy space and disturb scrolling on your Facebook timeline.

Click on “Show More”

Click on the SHOW MORE, once clicked, it will take you to the next page.

Last, All Birthday Wishes are Displayed

After clicking on the SHOW MORE, it will take you to this page as displayed above where you will see all the birthday wishes sent to you on your birthday, from here you can reply to them one after the other if you wish to.

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