How to Know if a Girl Is in Love With You

How to Know if a Girl Is in Love With You: Very many times we find it pretty difficult to differentiate well between when a girl is in love with a guy or she’s just your friend. Truth is, knowing what really is the matter can definitely be a whole lot of job to do especially when she’s more of an outspoken, extrovert, and unreserved person.

But still, at this, I believe there’s a “how” to knowing if she’s in love. Few things will be discussed below so as for us to know her true state of mind.

How to Know if a Girl Is in Love With You

  • Her friends know well enough about you

I know the question, ‘hmm, how true can this be?’, may pop up in your mind but here’s the deal: If a girl is in love with you, almost everything about you will be known to her friends, how? Well, they were told! Really? Who told them?? The answer is as simple as it gets. She told them!

Girls who are in love especially when she has close friends tend to tell he friends every one of the details of your chat with her, your interests, your dislikes and so on.

She feels like she’s on top of the world and hence, she says stuff, most times, even things she shouldn’t have said. If you ever notice this, she’s in love with you!

  • She wants more of your time all to herself

All of a sudden 4 precious hours out of your time won’t be enough for her (she wants more). She’d wanna come over to make food for you after the day’s work or probably seek to grab a coffee with you constantly at lunch.

All these don’t just happen. She’s most definitely in love! The fact of this matter is: if she always wants to see, hear from you and spend time with you, it’s of these two things; she’s either falling gradually in love or in love already.

  • “I LOVE YOU” would be her anthem.

Little wonder why girls keep saying “I LOVE YOU”, she’s not just saying it because she loves to hear herself say for fun these three magical words, she can’t just help it.

When she begins to say this without little or no shame at all, she’s in love and you just have to believe her because she really does love you!

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