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Good Friday 2023 Quotes

Today is good Friday and it’s really GOOD.
It brought to us a new life.
Good Friday – GOODNESS

good Friday quotes and images

The dripping blood our only drink,
The bloody flesh our only food:
In spite of which we like to think
That we are sound, substantial flesh and blood –
Again, in spite of that, we call this Friday good.

May this day of prayer,
Enlighten your mind and
bring peace in your heart.

In the cross of Christ I honor Towering over the wrecks of time,All light of holy story gathers round its head exalted.

May the blessings of the Lord
Shine upon you On this Holy Day
& may he always
Keep in his loving care.

“The Cross was the manifestation of Divine love without reservation or limitation;

but it absolutely was likewise the reflection of guy’s unutterable malignity.”

“It’s the crucifixion that recognizes the newest message in the mythologies of other individuals.”

“So the key question isn’t, Which people brought in regards to the departure of Jesus.

What did the departure of Jesus bring about for people – including Muslims and Jews.

And Buddhists and Hindus and secularists that are spiritual – and all individuals everywhere?

This can be the main fact in the universe.
[Notice located at his departure, in penitentiary, under his pillow. Watchman Nee]

“Christmas and Easter can be issues for poetry, but Good Friday, like Auschwitz, cannot.

The the truth is indeed terrible, it’s not astonishing that folks should have found it a stumbling block to faith.”

“Passing wasn’t Jesus’ punishment; it was His destiny. It had not been His lot in life; it was His assignment. It had not been His inevitable fortune; it was His goal statement for coming to ground that first Christmas: ‘Born to expire.’”
[ The Path of His Passion, Bill Crowder ]

“Our old history finishes with all the cross; our new history starts together with the resurrection.”
[Watchman Nee]

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