Funny Engagement Sayings For Your Newly Engaged Friends

Engagement Sayings – Are your friends having their engagement? Are you trying to think of some beautiful words to tell them? You have come to the right place! Engagement is one step closer to a lifetime promise and vow. Usually, an engagement party is graced by people who are close to the couples to be engaged. If you are having trouble putting into thoughts into words, the following Engagement Sayings and funny Engagement Sayings could help you express your thoughts. Here go some funny engagement sayings and engagement wishes for couples who are hilarious!

Engagement Sayings

• “Love is blind, marriage is the eye-opener.” 
You may say the following thought: May your hearts join together as you see the rough roads that marriage has. Be strong and let love be blind, instead see the strength that those rough roads offer you. Good luck! Happy engagement!

• “Marriage is the only war in which you sleep with the enemy.” 
Follow this with the words: No matter how much you fight over things, at the end of the day, you will have your most loved enemy beside you at night. Happy engagement!

• “Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit.” 
Then write: Marriage is a new journey with its twists and turns. Along the journey you will come across fights, arguments, troubles, and predicaments which are inevitable; therefore, remember that making up with each other is a requirement!

• “Marriages are made in heaven. But, then again, so are thunder, lightning, tornadoes, and hail.”
Then finish your wish with: Marriage is a blessing from God that is brought by your love for each other. Problems are also God-given challenges that make you think over things and compromise. I wish you a better life ahead.

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