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Dramabus.com or Dramabus Kdrama is a website to download Asian movies, Kshowsonline, Dramacool all for free in HD .Mp4 .Avi. If you have any Asian movies in mind that you would want to download or watch online, then you can download them here on Dramabus.co.


Like I wrote earlier, Dramabus has been the best place to download the latest movies, Korean dramas and so many more for free. There are some cool features available on Dramabus that I like and cherish which one of them is watching movies and dramas without having an account.

What I mean is this, you can actually watch and download any movie from dramabus.com without having an account, you can also leave comments under any post as a guest/anonymous.

Dramabus FAQ

What Happened to Dramabus?

Since the shutdown of the official website of Drambus which is dramabus.com, its regular users have been trying to find out what happened to this cool online movie watch and download website.
The truth is, due to court cases against the illegal posting of movies on the site, the site had to shut down, for now, no new website created yet, but there are other similar websites that I will be recommending below.

How to Watch Movies on Dramabus

How to Watch Movies on Dramabus

Search, Browse and Select Your Desired Movie

When you visit the Dramabus website, before you can be able to watch movies, you need to first locate your desired movie you would want to watch, to do this, you can either search for it or browse for it by navigating the paginations through the homepage or through categories on the Dramabus website.
When you locate the movie, click on it, it will take you to another page.

Scroll Down and Click on the Play Button

On the next page that opens, scroll down and click on the play button you will see on top of the movie/drama thumbnail, the movie will start playing within a few seconds.
Kindly note that you need to install Flashplayer to be able to watch movies on Dramabus.

History of Dramabus

Dramabus is a free drama/movies watch and download website founded in the year 2011, this website has been really helpful to youths and poor people that don’t have money to rent or pay for subscriptions to watch movies online.

Dramabus is one of the oldest and best movie download websites, although, at some point around the year 2020, they had to shut down due to lawsuits filed against them on the basis of movie piracy and theft.

During the reign of Dramabus, they provided videos on the following categories: movies, dramas, and shows, its users were also able to download movies in HD, Mp4, 3gp, Avi, and other video formats for free without registration.

DramaBus.Com will take you to your favorite drama

Dramabus Trending Movies

I know you wouldn’t want to just go to Dramabus website and download boring movies, I will be listing a few movies I and others considered to be very interesting after watching them, the list is endless though, so I will be listing just a few:

  • The Unit
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • Revolutionary Love
  • Black
  • My Golden Life
  • Running Man
  • Hospital Ship
  • Go Back Couple
  • Master Key
  • Knowing Bros

Dramabus New Movies and Dramas

Below are some of the new movies to watch on Dramabus website:

  • Attention, Love Ep 14
  • Night Goblin Ep 13
  • Fantastic Duo 2 Ep 30
  • 1 Night 2 Days (S3) Ep 199
  • The Return of Superman Ep 206
  • When A Woman Chases A Man Ep 13
  • Knowing Bros Ep 99
  • Let’s Eat Dinner Together Ep 53
  • Princess Agents Ep 58
  • Princess Agents Ep 57

How to Download Video From Dramabus

Do you want to download a video from the Dramabus website but don’t know the steps to follow? then check out the simple steps below to be able to download the movie of your choice:

  • Go to DramaBus.com
  • Select or serch for the movie you ant to download and click on it.
  • On the next page, scroll down and click on download, you download will now start within a few seconds

Where to Download Dramabus Movies?

All Dramabus movies can now be downloaded easily on Kdrama.


To me, DramaBus.com is very ok to download or watch movies from, if you need a free website, Dramabus is still one of the best picks for you, you can get almost all kinds of movies you want and the admins of the website are working very hard and upload new movies at least every 5 minutes new movies must be uploaded to their database.

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