Christmas Gifts For Toddler Girl

Best Christmas Gifts For Toddler Girl: Anyone who needs to buy gifts for toddlers knows that coming up with toddler gift ideas that will actually work can be quite challenging. You should be well aware of the fact that a gift that we think would be really great and perfect and that would cause a lot of joy and happiness can easily go unnoticed by the toddler and simply be tossed and forgotten in a corner even in the very first 5 minutes. I have had this situation many, many times and I could never understand why on earth would such a cute, adorable toy never catch a child’s attention. It looked so perfect to me! Thinking about it I separated which gifts made the right impression and were as attractive to the toddler, my niece in this case, as they were to me but I swear I still can not find flaws in the other gifts I have given her. And having this list on my mind I decided to publish the most successful gifts. So if you are looking for some gifts for toddlers, here you will find from experience which is REALLY great and effective gifts. Hopefully, you will not come with a gift with high expectations and get a child interested in some completely different and weird thing like your old purse :).

Personally Proven Best Christmas Gifts For Toddler Girl

Below you will find some of the best toddler gift ideas, I guarantee they will work on every toddler 100 %!

Small Plastic Colored Balls As A Top Gift For Toddlers

This is simply an amazing gift for toddlers. There is something magical in balls for small children, they seem fascinated by balls – all kinds of them, small balls, big balls, hanging balls, one-colored balls, multicolored balls … as long it is a ball! Usually, children’s daycare has them and that is the first place my niece saw these fun multicolored small balls. And she never forgot them after that! Every video clip played on youtube afterward contained these small balls so I decided to buy them for her. And it was a big hit! And an instant hit too! Some toys require an adjusting time but not the small plastic colored balls. She immediately embraced them and we had such fun playing with them. Swimming in them, throwing them around, and just fully enjoying them. And there isn’t a more beautiful sight in the world than a child loving the gift and enjoying it instantly. Her smiles were priceless to me so I highly recommend these small plastic colored balls as definitely one of the top gift ideas for toddlers. You simply cannot make a mistake with these fun colored balls and what is very important every toddler will love them – a boy or a girl. They seem to have a universal attraction for small children.

For a better demonstration of how fun these little colored balls are here is a video of everyone having a ball, young or older:

Pink Rocking Horse For Toddlers

Do you remember playing with horses from childhood? I certainly do. I still remember wanting a little horse of my own so bad that I would imagine a simple stick to be a little horse of my own. All the children adore horses. They can carry you away very far, you can ride on them and do all kinds of stuff. That is how powerful horses are when you are little. They are like the ultimate animal, they carry power and a possibility to take to the vast fields of a childish imagination. And when this fantasy becomes reality in the shape of a cute rocking wooden horse for toddlers then the happiness and the smile you will get on your child’s face is priceless. You cannot really make a mistake with such a gift. It is a 100% guaranteed hit! By choosing a rocking pony as a gift for your little one you really cannot make a mistake.

This rocking wooden horse for toddlers is fit for 2 to 6 years old, comes in different colors, and has a really great price. And it makes such an absolutely great toddler Christmas gift idea.

Colored Wooden Blocks For Construction

You will not believe what a great, great toy these wooden blocks are. My niece (a toddler of two years) uses them every day, the whole house is filled with these little figures everywhere, in all possible corners and holes you can imagine. She loves to throw them around, loves to play with them, loves to touch them, and especially loves to knock them out after I build a nice little castle with them. They are such fun for her and for the grown-ups too. They have a kind of soft, rounded shape, and are pleasant in touch, come in fun colors and the things you can build with them are countless. And they also are kind of spontaneous as you build “on the go”. Whatever pops in your mind at the moment you can add to the construction. I guess that maybe one of the reasons why they are such a popular toy. They fit very well in an extremely large number of combinations. Perfect for learning colors and shapes in a fun way! And they are also timeless, my parents have bought them for me one New Year and, I have bought them for my niece. We both love them, I guess a good toy simply stays a good toy throughout the years. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs great toddler Christmas gift ideas. Definitely worth the price which really is not high and you get an endless fun toy for your toddler! And yourself too! 🙂

Chalkboard For ToddlersExtra Toy

When I first bought a chalkboard for my niece every morning when she woke up she would first go to the chalkboard and write something very, very important on it. It was all in some spiraling circles and we could not quite decipher it but it was of great importance for sure. It turned out to be a very interesting toy for her and at the same time, it is educational in a fun way. Kids probably learn the best when they have fun with something and this definitely will catch a child’s interest. A chalkboard will stimulate a child’s creativity and make it proud of its creation. Easy to draw, easy to show, and easy to wipe it off. And this last is also very fun for toddlers too! It just gives an endless fun time, and when once bought it will last for years. With this toy your toddler will not get bored easily as each time something fresh and new can be drawn, it is colorful, easy to use and only the imagination is the limit. And who knows maybe you will discover a hidden talent in your child! To summarize this is a tested toy and it gets all the high rankings from me. Excellent toddler Christmas gift idea!

Slide For Toddlers

Ok, be warned: with this slide your toddler could spend hours and hours sliding with no end! My niece just repeated again and again and again, I got tired just from watching her! So much energy has to be spent on something and this is a perfect toy to do it. And it comes very handy on rainy days when you can’t take your child to the playground since you can have it in the middle of a room. Really an amazing toy to give your child so many happy hours, so many hours of laughter, and just the pure joy of childhood. And the laughter of your beloved child enjoying itself will warm your heart and bring you happiness too. If you can, don’t hesitate to include this toddler slide into your gift package – you will make a gift of such amazing joy. It will keep it happy for many hours and will give you great memories.

So, this has been my list of successful Christmas Gifts For Toddler Girl toys so far, they really work and will give your toddler really great time. Hope you find this list useful!

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