Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman

Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman: A woman who’s turning 40 may have ambivalent feelings about reaching this milestone age. On the one hand, she’s passed a threshold and is now a “mature woman.” On the other hand, she still feels as young as she did in her thirties – so what’s the big deal? Thus, when giving birthday gifts to 40-year-old women, act with sensitivity.

Funny “over the hill” gag gifts are fine to a point, but can go too far; a serious gift meant to honor her new decade is also in order. In fact, the best 40th birthday gift ideas for a woman who’s a wife, coworker, friend, or family member will focus more on the person she is than on her age.

Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman. Funny, affordable, elegant, serious, or gag gifts for a woman who’s a wife, coworker, friend, or family member.

40th Birthday Gag Gifts for a Female

The theme of 40 lends itself to many gift and party ideas. Besides, to ignore her newly achieved age altogether is to fail to do justice to her milestone – or her sense of humor. One idea is to have an age theme at her birthday party – for example, 40 balloons, 40 candles, and 40 cupcakes laid out in the number 40 instead of the usual layer cake or sheet cake.

Another suggestion is to buy her a novelty gag gift for a laugh. Over the hill gifts like a coffin-shaped gift basket or a T-shirt printed with “39 Forever” are one option, but don’t be limited. Also, try:

  • Nostalgic gifts such as a music CD of ’80s music, or a 40th birthday gift basket of retro candy.
  • Funny books about the age of 40, such as “You Know You’re Forty When…” and “Forty Things to Do When You Turn Forty.”
  • Enormous teddy bear to be presented after a funny birthday speech, along the lines of: “People think turning 40 means getting old. It’s not true. You’re still in the prime of life. And here’s the proof.”
  • Stylish, colorful handbag filled with funny poems about reaching 40, composed by the birthday female’s friends, family, and coworkers.
Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman

Affordable 40th Birthday Present Ideas for a Woman

Besides a gag gift, acknowledge her age with something she’ll really love. Major milestone birthday presents can still be cheap and affordable. The key is to make them memorable, personal, and thoughtful. Some suggestions for inexpensive birthday gifts for her:

  • Try a box of chocolate truffles and a small pile of “chick lit” novels by bestselling authors Helen Fielding, Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Crusie, and Meg Cabot with a personalized card that says “Luxuriate. You’re 40 and you’ve earned it.”
  • A modest 40th birthday gift basket or a spa gift box are ideal inexpensive gifts for a woman this year. Personalize a mini gift hamper by sticking in a 40th birthday candle and a photo of herself when she was a baby (get this from a family member).
  • Buy her a Cross pen and a small diary or elegant notebook, and note on the birthday card that as of now, she’s officially an authority on everything, so “here’s a place to note your words of wisdom.”

Elegant 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman

If money is no object, honor the 40th birthday female with something special that she won’t forget – the latest Kindle e-book reader, a cashmere scarf, fine chocolates, Russian caviar, a bottle of aged balsamic vinegar, a stylish pink laptop computer, even a set of DVDs of all the seasons of her favorite television show (but first make sure she doesn’t already have them).

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